The YLL Code


1         NAME

1.1 The name of this group shall be Young Labour Lawyers (throughout this document, “YLL”). The YLL is part of and a branch of the Society of Labour Lawyers.

1.2 YLL shall have a Steering Group (throughout this document, the “Steering Group”).



2.1 YLL shall have the following aims and objectives, which shall guide and inform the activities of YLL:

i. Advocating for the rule of law, human rights, and access to justice for all

ii. Promoting Labour Party values, policies and candidates to junior lawyers, paralegals and law students

iii. Engaging junior lawyers, paralegals and law students with the Labour Party and Labour Party policy making

iv. Campaigning for progressive legal policies, including by influencing the Labour Party

v. Promoting access to the legal profession for all

vi. Encouraging and supporting Labour Party members and supporters to pursue legal careers

vii. Facilitating the active involvement of junior lawyers, paralegals and law students in YLL and the Society of Labour Lawyers.


3         MEMBERSHIP


3.1 Membership of YLL shall be open to all members of the Society of Labour Lawyers who are any of the following:

i. a law student;

ii. a Paralegal (or Legal Executive), having not practised in that role for a period of over 10 years;

iii. a Pupil Barrister;

iv. a Trainee Solicitor;

v. a Barrister of up to 10 Years Post-Call to the Bar of England and Wales, or the equivalent Advocate or Barrister post Call in the jurisdictions of Scotland or Northern Ireland;


vi. a Solicitor up to 10 Years Post-Qualification; or

vii. persons with equivalent standing elsewhere in the world.



4.1 Membership of the Steering Group shall be open to all Members of YLL upon written request by email to the Secretary of the Steering Group and upon completion of any necessary form approved by YLL and from time to time in use by YLL.

4.2 The Steering Group shall include the following elected Officers, in addition to the non-officiating Members of the Steering Group:

  1. Chair;
  2. Vice-Chair; and
  3. Secretary

4.3 No Member shall hold more than one Officer position at one time.

4.4 The Officers must be a member of the Steering Group.

4.5 In the event of any of the Officer positions falling vacant for any reason, the Steering Group may appoint a person to fulfil that Office until the next Annual General Meeting.

4.6 The Steering Group shall meet regularly. Notice of the time and venue of Steering Group Meetings must be given at least 14 calendar days in advance to Steering Group Members by email by the Secretary or another Officer.  The Steering Group may meet on lesser notice in exceptional circumstances.

4.7 The Steering Group shall conduct the general business of YLL, and have power to appoint sub-committees and working-groups, authorise any publication (either paper, electronic, by spoken-word or otherwise) on behalf of YLL, and arrange meetings subject always to the supervision of the Executive Committee of the Society of Labour Lawyers.

4.8 Unless specified in this Constitution or ruled upon by the Steering Group, the voting method of the Steering Group is by simple majority vote; each member is to have one vote.

4.9 The Steering Group shall be led by a Chair, who shall be Chair of YLL.


5         THE CHAIR


5.1 The Chair shall be responsible for the effective operations of YLL and the furtherance of its objectives as set out in Article 2 hereof.

5.2 The Chair shall be responsible for advocating, representing and communicating with other groups.  The Chair will also be a non-voting member of the Executive of the Society of Labour Lawyers.

5.3 The Chair shall have power to make decisions on behalf of YLL in the period between Steering Group Meetings in order to maintain the effective operations of YLL, but shall be bound to report his or her decisions made during that period at the following Steering Group Meeting.

5.4 The Chair shall be bound by decisions of the Steering Group, where such decisions have been agreed by majority.

5.5 If the Chair is party to a dispute during a Steering Group meeting, a Chair pro tempore shall be appointed by the Steering Group for the duration of the discussion of the disputed issue.

5.6 Should the Chair become vacant for any reason, a new Chair shall be elected at the following Steering Group Meeting.


6         NOTICE

6.1 Notice under this constitution shall be valid if it emailed to members using the most up to date members’ contact list.




7.1 In this Code, words shall be deemed to connote their ordinary and natural meanings except where the context requires otherwise.

7.2 Any questions as to the interpretation of this Constitution shall be settled by the Steering Group by discussion and, if necessary, a vote.



8.1 All Members of YLL shall be entitled to:

  1. Attend, speak and place items on the agenda at all YLL Annual General Meetings.
  2. Stand and vote in YLL Officer Elections.
  3. Vote at all YLL Annual General Meetings and any other General Meeting.


9         GOVERNANCE

9.1 All governance of YLL shall be in accordance with this Code and consistent with the Constitution of the Society of Labour Lawyers.

9.2 YLL shall have a number of key decision-making bodies. In order, starting with that of highest authority, they are the following:

  1. The Annual General Meeting;

  2. A General Meeting; and

  3. Meetings of the Steering Group.



10.1 The Annual General Meeting shall be held once per calendar year in order to elect the Officers of the Steering Group subject to the presence of a quorum of 5% of YLL members at the date that the details of the Annual General Meeting are announced.   

10.2 Each member will have one vote. In the event of a tie the outgoing Chair shall have a casting vote.

10.3 The vote shall be held at the Annual General Meeting by secret ballot.

10.4 The vote for the election of the Officers will be conducted by Alternative Vote, with a facility for No Suitable Candidate.

10.5 Members may vote up to 48 hours in advance of the Annual General if they live outside the Greater London Area or they are not able to travel to the location of the Annual General Meeting.

10.6 Candidates for Officer positions must be the subject of a nomination by another Member of YLL. Such nomination may be by email to the Secretary to be received by the Secretary not less than 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


10.7 The newly elected Officers shall take office immediately subsequent to the Annual General Meeting.

10.8 The venue, date and time of the Annual General Meeting shall be announced by the Steering Group one month in advance by email.

10.9 The outgoing Chair shall present an annual report at the Annual General Meeting for ratification.

10.10 A General Meeting other than the Annual General Meeting may be convened upon the written request (if necessary by email) of 10% of members of YLL as at the date the request is submitted specifying the purpose for which it is to be held.

10.11 All Meetings of the Annual General Meeting, General Meeting or Steering Group shall be minuted by the Secretary and minutes shall be circulated within 14 calendar days of the meeting in question.




11.1 An Officer or Member of YLL may resign from YLL or from the Steering Group upon giving written notice to the Secretary.



12.1 The YLL Annual General Meeting shall be the sole body competent to amend the Code.

12.2 All amendments to the Code shall require the support of two-thirds of those voting at an Annual General Meeting.

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