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SLL AGM 2017 and A History of the Society of Labour Lawyers and Access to Justice from Sir Ross Cran

A History of the Society of Labour Lawyers, as delivered by Sir Ross Cranston at the Society’s Annual General Meeting on 4 December 2017 in his speech on ‘…And Access to Justice’ The AGM is a good time to reflect on the history, achievements and mission of the Society of Labour Lawyers, particularly as we are coming up to the 70th anniversary of the Society in 2018. The Haldane Society split in 1948 over an issue of whether membership of the Labour Party was a pre-requisite. The Haldanes included Communists such as Denis Pritt QC (if, like me, you trawl through commercial cases 1920s you will know he had a huge practice and appeared in many great cases. He tried to be a [Labour] MP in 1930 b

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