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Family Group meeting with Emma Lewell-Buck MP

SLL’s Family law sub-group were delighted to meet for the first time with Labour’s Shadow Education Minister for Children and Families Policy Emma Lewell-Buck, MP for South Shields, at Parliament on Wednesday 12 September 2018. We first discussed the ‘care crisis’ facing the family courts. Outgoing President of the Family Division, Sir James Munby, has highlighted yearly 20% rises in the number of new care cases. Lawyers at the meetings expected this pattern to continue. What are the causes of the crisis? From the group’s recent experience, this is no symptom of over-cautious Local Authorities: if anything they were previously not cautious enough. Many in the group blamed cuts: particularly

Democracy Review Submission

Introduction The Society of Labour Lawyers (“SLL”) welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Democracy Review as a key part of the Labour Party and the wider Labour movement. SLL values our role and history in the Party and exists to be the legal think tank of the Party, to provide specialist legal advice when called upon and to seek the election of a Labour Party government. Socialist Societies Socialist Societies have been at the heart of the Labour Party and have contributed to the rich history of the Party since its beginning. We believe that one of the benefits of the current structure is that there are not overlapping affiliates covering multiple areas. This allows members and th

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