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Once the pandemic is over, we must be ready for the Tory attack on our rights

In this piece Omar and Matthew explore the coming battle over human rights. While the 2019 Conservative manifesto promised to remould the relationship between our three branches of government and there has been a longstanding commitment to revisit the Human Rights Act, constitutional issues came to the fore again due to the government’s attempted prorogation of Parliament. If that wasn’t sufficient, the constitutional debate has recently become all the more important because of the vast extensions in executive power we have witnessed during the Covid-19 pandemic. This piece is a timely charting of the lay of the land and clearly and succinctly sets out the key battlegrounds to come. Once the

PRESS RELEASE: COVID-19 Self Employed Support and Impact on Most Junior Barristers

Society of Labour Lawyers Report on the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme and its Impact on Junior Barristers The Society of Labour Lawyers, the legal think tank of the Labour Party, has released a report highlighting the exclusion of junior barristers from the government’s Self-employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) because they do not have ‘eligible’ 18/19 tax returns. The report raises concerns about this issue and recommends that the government should relax the eligibility criteria to extend the scheme to all the junior barristers who have been excluded. The full report is available here and a 1-page summary document is available here. Announcing the release of the report, Kate O’Rourk

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