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Post-Brexit Employment Rights

In this piece, Tom Jones and Richard Arthur of Thompsons discuss what the new Brexit ‘freedoms’ could mean for workers’ rights in the UK. They identify the immediate impact of the cessation of EU supremacy (and therefore a whole host of employee protective precedent from the CJEU) together with a range of unfortunately low hanging fruit that is likely to be targeted by the Conservatives as they deregulate to counteract the economic headwinds unleashed by the end of the transition period at the end of the year. The UK left the European Union on 31 January. But existing and new EU laws continue to have effect in the UK essentially as before – for now at least. With the UK economy in lockdown d

The Enforcement of Employment Contracts post-Brexit

In this piece, Grahame Anderson of Littleton Chambers explores a further and less discussed consequence of our exit from the European Union: the knotty question of enforcement of cross-border contracts. At the end of the transition period we will at present lose the reciprocity of existing measures which ensure claims are brought in the appropriate forum. At present, the UK’s legal systems (England and Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) sit within a pan-EU framework for jurisdiction in respect of and enforcement of employment contracts and employment rights. While the UK may be leaving the institutions and rules of the European Union, it is not leaving the increasingly globalised employment

Housing, Homelessness, Use of Land and Social Care Paper

In this piece, Liz Davies considers a number of proposals, both in the party’s recent manifesto and from across the left, for law reform of housing, land law and social care. She weaves what may be considered distinct areas of law into an all encompassing petition for ambitious action. This action not only restricts the worst excesses of the current government inaction in each of these areas but looks to build more solid foundations through the establishment of institutions such as a National Care Service. Housing Labour Party’s 2019 manifesto proposals[i] and Plan for Housing[ii] require a mix of legislative action and economic measures in order to build 150,000 new council and housing asso

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