Submission to the Select Committee conducting pre-legislative scrutiny of the Building Safety Bill: Fire Safety in Buildings with Dangerous Cladding: claims, reform and comparison with Australian states (13/09/2020)

The Society of Labour Lawyers Housing Group submitted evidence on 14 September 2020 to Housing, Communities and Local Government Select Committee conducting pre-legislative scrutiny of the draft Building Safety Bill. The significant points made are:

·       The remedies available to leaseholders are unlikely to assist with paying for the costs of remediation. 

·       The BSB may worsen the present legal position for leaseholders by including a provision that the  leaseholders would be obliged to pay towards the costs of making the building safe within 28 days of being demanded. 


SLL Housing Group Submission to the NPF (30/06/2020)

A New Deal for Renting

Society of Labour Lawyers responds to the government’s consultation A New Deal for Renting and welcomes the government’s commitments to abolish no fault evictions (s.21 Housing Act 1988) as set out in the consultation paper. In August last year we responded to the Labour Party’s green paper Housing For The Many, in which we encouraged the Labour Party to abolish section 21. We were therefore delighted when both the Labour Party and the government committed to that proposal, and we are very pleased that ending ‘no-fault’ evictions is now a policy that enjoys a cross-party consensus. We hope that the proposals will be implemented soon.

For the government's consultation document please click here.

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