All applicants have been contacted. 


We hosted our 2024 launch event in February. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming events.

The next mentoring scheme event on applications will be taking place on the 27th March.



To be considered for the Scheme, an applicant must be a student or recent graduate (who has graduated within the past two years and is yet to find full-time, permanent employment in the legal sector) who is both:

  • interested in pursuing a legal career; and
  • a member of or sympathetic to the aims and values of the Labour Party.

The Scheme is not limited to those studying for a law degree. Mentees may, for example, be studying another subject at university with a view to applying to take the Graduate Diploma in Law.

Successful applicants will be expected to join the Society of Labour Lawyers, if they are not already members.

About the Scheme

The SLL Mentoring Scheme has been developed to provide an individual mentor to students and recent graduates considering a legal career.

In addition to the value of the one-to-one mentor-mentee relationship, participants benefit from a programme of networking and skills-based events during the year.

The purpose and objectives of the SLL Mentoring Scheme are to:

  • provide an individual mentor to students and recent graduates who are considering a legal career.  Consistent with SLL’s commitment to improve access to the profession, applications from students and recent graduates from non-traditional backgrounds are particularly encouraged;
  • demonstrate to students the rich variety of legal careers and practice areas open to them. As far as possible, the mentee will be paired with a mentor working in an area of law that they are interested in;
  • show that lawyers working in any environment are able to combine their career with their Labour values. The SLL membership is made up of lawyers who are proud of their politics and wish to promote them; and
  • provide students and recent graduates with an insight into Labour Party politics and the internal functioning of the Party, including its policymaking.

Mentors include SLL members working as barristers and solicitors working right across the country in a range of practice areas and roles.

 Find out more about the SLL mentoring scheme

Watch the video below where Clare Murray and Daniel Jones discuss the scheme and why you should apply.