June Chair’s Report

In a month that has seen walk outs by criminal defence barristers up and down the country, SLL published a statement in solidarity with those fighting for the survival of the criminal justice system. There was fantastic feedback on the Crumbling Criminal Justice Calendars which Criminal barristers were holding up outside the Old Bailey. 

Members of SLL were out on the London Legal Walk with Shadow Attorney General, Emily Thornberry MP on 28th June.

In addition to our usual meetings of groups and the executive committee, we had the launch of the new Tech Group.

In our quarterly meeting with the Shadow Justice team it was gratifying to hear the huge appreciation felt by the team as well as positive feedback from the other shadow teams. On top of the ongoing advice taking place there was additional advice this month on the Northern Ireland Bill, the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill, Fraud and Crypto and advice on criminal disclosure. There was also a briefing provided by the Crime Group on the walk outs. 

We saw campaigning with the other Socialist Societies at the Wakefield by election and have been doing a huge amount of planning for Labour Party Conference.

Finally, work has started on organising a series of Westminster Workshops will be the start of a new SLL book looking at policies we want the next Labour Government to make a reality. Considering how wobbly the current Government is looking, this might be something which might be needed sooner rather than later.